Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keep running

Running is a sport that belongs to everyone. As Joshua Drew posted a few minutes ago, the Boston marathon hits way too close to home.

It is especially close to my heart because my boyfriend is a runner/triathalete, but I am willing to bet that most people know someone who runs, even if it isn't very far or very fast (which is how I run). Running is a very egalitarian sport, which means that this hits close to home for many people across america. Why do we know so many runners, and why does this act of violence against them hurt so much? To me, running is athletics simplified to its core values...

You don't need fancy equipment to run. All you need is determination. You don't need shoes. 

Barefoot Runner
(Image from wikimedia commons)

Hell, you don't even need legs.

Sgt. Jarrod Fields, running on a prosthetic leg.
(Image from Wikimedia Commons)

Wheelchair athletes in the 2009 Boston
Marathon. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

To participate in a marathon, you don't always even have to run. Sometimes all that propels you across the the miles is love.

Dick Hoyt pushing his son Rick, who has cerebryl palsy,
in the 2009 Boston Marathon (Image via Wikimedia Commons).
The Hoyts have rum thousands of miles, and were about a mile
short of the finish at the 2013 Boston marathon when the
bombs went off .
Runners come in all shapes and colors:

Image from best race signs.

And their friends and family love and support them (even when it's not that fun).

Images from best race signs.

Runners don't just run for glory, or health, or fun. They run to help other people:

Running symbolizes the best things we want to be: tenacious, dedicated, loving, and giving.  The everyday people who were hurt and killed yesterday in Boston were giving the best of themselves.  Hopefully we can push past the fear and anger, to defy that attack, and continue to push for greatness.  

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